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Tamar Braxton is really excited for sister Toni Braxton’s forthcoming new album


LoganLand RecordsTamar Braxton is well aware that older sister Toni Braxton is gearing up for the 2018 release of her first solo album in eight years, titled Sex & Cigarettes

But Tamar tells ABC Radio that there was a time when she had “no idea” about Toni’s plans to come out of retirement. 

In turn, Toni didn’t know about Tamar’s latest album, Bluebird of Happiness.

“We live right around the corner from each other and we talk about everything except for this,” Tamar says. 

“You know, I love her single [“Deadwood”] and I’m really excited that she decided not to retire because that is Toni Braxton, living legend.” 

As for Tamar’s newest disc, which is out now, she says tha it’s not only mix of different musical genres, like “R&B and pop,” but overall “more of a feeling …It’s a body of work,” she says. 

The “My Man” singer further explains that even though she’s “the biggest, ratchet music lover ever,” it’s important for artists to know how to differentiate between being a fan and being an entertainer in order to make music that’s the best representation of themselves. 

“I remember when I first started Love and War, I wanted all of these features and sing with the gangsta lean,” she begins. 

“You can be a fan, but that’s not who you are as an artist. There’s a difference. You have to know who you are as an artist.” 

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