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Tamar Braxton makes amends with her sister, Trina; says Braxton Family Values was lies


WEtvTamar Braxton is taking time to self reflect before the new year.

In an Instagram post Tuesday, Braxton shared video of her and sister, Trina Braxton, embracing in a photo booth. AShe added a heartfelt message in which she took aim at her reality show, Braxton Family Values, for creating some of their family drama.

“Sometimes you have to check yourself before you reck [sic] yourself!!!,” she wrote. “Most of what u have seen on #BFV was LIES and clips put together with me acting a PLUM FOOL for ratings (believe it or not) and sometimes I simply was one.”

“BUT,” Tamar continued, “What is FACTUAL is that it tore my family & Sisterhood apart BUT THANK GOD FOR JESUS and FORGIVENESS!!” 

Braxton, who earlier this year had refused to take part in BFV with her sisters because of a wage dispute, now say she’s planning to make a major attitude adjustment.

“I’ve decided I’m not going into 2019 the same bitter, combative, woe it is me person. ‘you did this so ima do that’ attitude” It’s ugly and frankly stupid!!” Tamar wrote. “Ive realized change is just one simple DECISION!!! No matter what it takes my commitment to me is to be a BETTER me sometimes all it takes is saying I Love you and I’m sorry for MY PART of the bulls*** @trinabraxton1.

Tamar then added the hashtags, “#funsisternight #onebyone #jesushewillfixit.”

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