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Tamar Braxton talks about finding her happiness while making Bluebird of Happiness


LoganLand RecordsIt just seemed fitting for Tamar Braxton to use her pain in order find happiness, and give meaning to the title of her final album, Bluebird of Happiness.

She tells ABC Radio: “For me, I went through a lot of not so positive things last year. And as a result to that, it led me on a quest for happiness.” 

The “Blind” singer continues, “I’ve always associated happiness with the bluebird and I found myself feeling like a bird. You know, my home all of a sudden didn’t feel like home anymore. My baby didn’t seem like my baby, although I knew he was mine.

“Things just didn’t look the same or feel the same. I would travel and be on a quest to find something that felt familiar. One day I just woke up and figured out that the happiness that I was searching for was always inside of me.”  

Tamar promises she “didn’t leave” her happiness, even with last year’s rumored report of her crumbling marriage and getting cut from her hosting duties on the daytime talk show The Real.

“I didn’t leave my happiness,” she says.  

“I forgot about my happiness and I forgot that God puts happiness and joy and love and peace inside of us. And sometimes you can forget that that’s there because of what’s going on around you.”   

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