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Tamela Mann Talks Working with Timbaland and Growing as an Artist on New Album


PRNewsFoto/Tamela MannTamela Mann‘s latest album, One Way, is finally arriving in stores and digitally Friday. The 12-track set, which features the Grammy-nominated artist is excited for fans to hear the 12-track set.

“I’m really excited about it ’cause it’s something for everybody. All listeners,” Mann tells ABC Radio.  

“It’s something on the album for every emotion that you’re going through. Like when you’re happy, if you wanna work out…I mean if you’re going through some things and you need something to kinda help you sit and think. Not necessarily cry, well some of ’em wanna make you cry…,” she adds. 

Among many collaborators on the album, Timbaland may seem like a wild-card for the gospel icon, but working with the R&B producer proved to be an inspiring experience for Mann.

“This album, One Way, we had a song to come through, and we sent it to him. My son was like, ‘I think this will be perfect for him to, you know…to produce.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah!’ And we sent it to him and he liked it and he added his flavor, and me putting my gospel with his R&B…,” she says.  

Tamela hopes One Way will allow her to continue spreading her wings as an artist.

“Well, actually, I would say I’m coming out of the box, because normally everybody knows me for ballads and singing the slower, traditional song,” says Mann. “That’s what I want people to realize and see what this album, to take me out the box. That… allow me to use my vocals and my artistry in different ways that you’ve never seen.” 

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