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Tamia says Childish Gambino’s cover of her hit So Into You warmed my little heart


ABC RadioThis year marks the 20th anniversary of Tamia‘s self-titled debut album. 

One of the songs from the disc, “So Into You,” was so memorable that Childish Gambino performed it live in 2016. 

Tamia says his version of her song “warmed my little heart.” 

“He told the story when he was young [and] dating girls…they always knew this song and so to impress them he would sing it and I was like, ‘That is so sweet’,” she continues, adding “I loved his rendition of it.”

Tamia adds that her music has endured because of covers like the one Childish did.

“It’s, I guess, flattering on one side… that your music is still touching people,” she tells ABC Radio. 

“And that when people heard it, people that may have never heard my version went back and were like, ‘What’s this? What do you mean? Let me hear.'” 

“It brings sort of a new audience back to you that are like, ‘Wait a minute. She sang that? Well, let me see what else she sings.’ I mean, I get that [response] all the time, from him doing that [cover]. He did a great job.” 

Tamia also praises Childish Gambino for his Internet-breaking “This Is America” music video and his many talents. 

“He’s amazing. I think we’ve just sort of scratched the surface of what we’re gonna see from him,” she says.

“He acts, he writes…I think we’re gonna see a lot from him in some amazing things,” she adds. 

Tamia’s latest single, “Leave It Smokin'” is the first single from her forthcoming album, Passion Like Fire, due this fall.  

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