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Taye Diggs hilariously calls out the gross things people do at his gym


Tina Thorpe/The CWIt should be common knowledge that if you make a mess, you clean up after yourself.  Actor Taye Diggs is fed up with people who don’t follow that golden rule, especially those who are patrons at his luxury gym.

The All American star hilariously called out those people while driving his car on Tuesday. “I have been blessed enough to be able to afford to workout at a luxury gymnasium, but alas there is a problem. I don’t mean to make this about race — I do believe we should all get along,” he begins rather passionately before switching to a prim and proper British accent.  “But there are white people — certain white people — in my lockered room that refuse to pick up their soiled towels!”

Diggs continues as his dictation becomes more dramatic, “They leave them strewn about, willy nilly!  On the counters, on the floors and on the benches. Dare I say, the steam room, where I enjoy frequenting.”

He then humorously asks if those towel slinging savages were “raised in a barn” before pondering aloud what possibly could have caused such people to think such behavior is acceptable.

“Did you not have mothers and fathers that taught you to pick up after yourselves? Or are you in fact, just lazy, spoiled, forgetful honkies?” Taye exclaims before adding with a huff, “Excuse my language.”

After beseeching those specific messy gym patrons to pick up after themselves, he declares, “The people who work for the gymnasium have enough to do. Pick up your damn towels, whities! Pick ‘em up!” 

For the Private Practice star to be this passionate about towels says a lot about how severe the situation actually is.   

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