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Teyana Taylor on how she felt disrespected on tour with Jeremih: “My name wasn’t even on the ticket”


Image Group LA/ABC After leaving the Jeremih Later That Night tour last month because she felt disrespected, Teyana Taylor is now claiming that the majority of the crowd came to see her, not Jeremih, perform.

“I was doing everything. The promotion. I do my own promo videos, like, I just took it very seriously and I was very, very excited about it and he did little to no [promo]…my name wasn’t even on the ticket,” Taylor said on The Real syndicated TV show.

Teyana said she felt dissed when the singer referred to her as his opening act.

“You call me your opener during one of the shows, but then go on radio and say, ‘But I got love for her,’” Taylor continued. “If you had love for me, you never would have tried to play me live.”

“The reason [there’s] no footage of it is because 80 percent of the room left after my performance,” she added. “So it was probably only like 20 people left, so nobody really captured the shade when he did it.”  

The singer/actress said when she questioned Jeremih about the remark, his response prompted her to leave the tour.

“I pressed him about it over text…he kinda admitted that he did say it,” she recalled.

“I was like, ‘You know what? This tour is done,’ so he said, ‘Let’s just let it be done,’” she remembered.  She then asked him why, if she was just the opening act, she would have the power to call off the tour.

“It was like, ‘Don’t try to play me,’”  she added.

Taylor launched her own solo tour after leaving the Later That Night tour. She’s on the cover of the September/October issue of Playboy, and she’s starring in the Fall 2018 campaign for Agent Provocateur lingerie.

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