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Thanksgiving gratitude: Will Downing thanks God for being alive with his new album, The Promise


Shanachie EntertainmentAs Will Downing prepares to celebrate Thanksgiving, the “Prince of Sophisticated Soul” has much to be thankful for: He managed to recover from a near fatal auto-immune disease.

Downing found himself nearly paralyzed in 2007, but now he’s fine, and thanking God with his new inspirational album, The Promise.

When the Grammy-nominated singer was hospitalized in 2007 and was unable to walk, he made a promise to God, that if he recovered, he would sing His praises. Now he’s fulfilling that promise with his new music.

“The purpose of making the record, from, I believe His perspective, was to spread the word of the gospel,” Downing tells ABC Radio. “So I think that people are gonna get something out of it. I think that that’s one of the key reasons why I’m still here. I could easily not be here.”

“I think that He kinda said, ‘OK, I’mma make you this deal,’” Downing continues, referring to God. “’I’m gonna let you be a shining light for those who need inspiration, to see where you were, and where you are now.’”

The 54-year-old crooner has a greater appreciation of life now, and he plans to enjoy Thanksgiving at home before going on the road.

“Always spend it with my sisters and my mom, and family,” Downing says. “We eat and watch football and talk about everything under the sun.”

“I enjoy the family time and the camaraderie, and literally the day after Thanksgiving, I go to work,” he adds “I leave for Atlanta and we have a show down there.” (AUDIO IS ABC 1-ON-1)

During his concert, Downing will perform his hits, and songs from his 21st studio album, The Promise,which will be released November 30.

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