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Tina Campbell says new album, It’s Still Personal, gave her life and could do the same for you


Derek Blanks/DB PhotographyGospel singer Tina Campbell says her solo album, It’s Still Personal, is “more of a re-release” of her debut disc, It’s Personal, but “with new music on it.”  

The Mary Mary artist adds that every track on the studio project is “life-giving music,” not just for fans but also for herself: “This music gave me life. I actually got a song on there called ‘Life’ and it says ‘Jesus came to give me life.’ But, these songs gave me life.”

Tina continues, “They gave me life before I could listen to a preacher preach. They gave me life before I felt like sitting in church.”

“I was mad at God. I was mad at church. I was mad at church people. I thought this whole world of faith failed me. Really they didn’t. I was just mad at my life and so I figured let’s blame somebody, right?” 

“And so, I went through all of that and I realized, ‘No, God did not fail me.’ Sometimes, bad things happen to good people and that’s not God’s fault. And so, God didn’t cheat on me. God didn’t cause distance in my marriage. That was me and my husband’s choices.”

Tina’s marriage to husband Teddy Campbell was previously on the rocks as a result of Teddy’s past infidelity. 

Still, Tina explains that music was God’s answer to saving her life after finding out about her husband’s multiple affairs.  

“I wouldn’t listen to nobody or nothing, but music was my language,” she says.  “And he gave me music. And now I’m giving music to the world on It’s Still Personal.”

It’s Still Personal is available everywhere now. 

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