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Tina Campbell says she voted for President Trump because of his views on Christianity


ABC/ Ida Mae AstuteEarlier in the year, Tina Campbell came under scrutiny from fans because of the open letter she wrote on Facebook that detailed her support for President Donald Trump.  

Now in a new interview with The Root, the gospel singer and Mary Mary reality star explains why she voted to elect Trump, instead of Hillary Clinton.  

“I was faced with two presidential candidates that I really did not approve of. And so I had to find something, a commonality with one of them, that would make feel like if I have to vote, I should utilize my right to vote,” Tina begins.  

She continues, “Since I don’t prefer either of them, what can I find that would make my vote? And some of Donald Trump’s views on Christianity, honestly, is what caused me to vote for him.” 

Tina adds, “Many of the decisions that he has made afterwards, I have not been in agreement with at all, which I wasn’t in agreement with my last president that I voted for.”

“But however, as a Christian, my perspective is to pray for the president, to not use my social platforms or other platforms to try to destroy this man, because at the end of the day, he still represents the country that I live in.”  

The “Too Hard Not To” singer’s explanation caused many fans to lash out against her on social media, especially on Twitter.  

“Tina Campbell from Mary Mary said she voted for Trump because of his “christian values”, she must want those shackles back on her feet, wrote one fan, while another tweeted, “Black folks like this seriously terrify me.” 

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