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Tito Jackson Talks Big Daddy Kane and Finding His Music Groove


Rob Kim/Getty ImagesTito Jackson‘s new single “Get It Baby” featuring Big Daddy Kane is the first solo hit for Jackson, the last of the Jackson siblings to land a chart hit, and the singer credits the hip-hop pioneer with helping him to get his groove back.

Jackson tells ABC radio that Kane was instrumental in his new single being a hit and that the legendary rapper essentially “hooked [him] up” making the uptempo track a success.

“I get on the phone and Big Daddy Kane says, ‘Hey Tito what’s up?’ I say ‘What’s up Big Daddy?’ and he says, ‘Hey man, tell me something, is this you on this song?’ I say, ‘Yeah man, that’s me.’ He said, ‘Ah man, I love this song, man, I tell you what, I’m going to hook this bad boy up.’ And he did that man, he hooked me up,” the singer explains.

Jackson, who’s upcoming album, Tito Time, will be his first solo album, explains how Kane got involved in with the track.

“So the management of Big Daddy Kane sent it to him and he called back my producer and said, ‘Hey man, this song you sent over, tell me something, is this a production of Tito’s? Is this one of the records he’s putting out of another artist? Tell me about it.’ My man goes, ‘Nah man, it’s Tito.'”  When the rapper heard it was Jackson’s own song, “He said, ‘Call him up!'”

As Jackson gears up for the fall release of Tito Time, the former Jackson 5 member tells ABC Radio how he was able to find his music groove on the charting single.

“Well, you know what, I love uptempo music and I’ve been playing with the brother for you know 100 years. The blues thing for 10 years with all that’s out, and I found that feeling and it just feels good to me,” he says humming the beat. “It’s a good feeling and it just made me work it, you know?”

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