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Toni Braxton says Heart Away, made with dear friend Birdman, was a leak


ABC RadioThere’s one important thing Toni Braxton wants fans to know about her newest release, “Heart Away”: the track, as she tells ABC Radio, “was a leak that’s becoming a single on its own.” 

“Sometimes that happens,” she continues. 

“It’s actually a remix of [DerezDe’Shon‘s song [“Hardaway”].” Toni adds that De’Shon is “an artist of my dear friend, you guys call him Birdman.” 

In case you didn’t know, Toni and Birdman are rumored to be married, but Toni denied the claim on Good Morning America Thursday.   

“So, it’s like a fun thing that I had done,” Toni adds about the track. “And it got leaked.” 

The star also says that if “Heart Away” “gets enough attention” from fans, she “may be forced” to include it on her upcoming album, Sex & Cigarettes, expected to arrive this year.

“I don’t like to say forced in a negative way. I’m not saying it that way, but we’ll see.” 

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