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‘Unprisoned’ cast talks about their characters, working with Kerry Washington


Frank Micelotta/Hulu

Unprisoned, a new series about a relationship therapist and single mother whose life changes when her father’s released from prison, comes out on Hulu Friday. The show features Kerry Washington and Delroy Lindo in the starring roles of Paige and Edwin, but also vital to the series are characters played by Jordyn McIntoshFaly Rakotohavana and Marque Richardson.

Faly takes on the role of Kerry’s son, Finn, who has to deal with his grandfather suddenly being around. He says his favorite thing about his character is “the relationship that develops between me and my grandfather,” especially because Finn “never really had much of a father figure.” He tells ABC Audio “watching that relationship grow and getting to create that relationship and make it grow with Delroy Lindo … was beautiful.”

Jordyn plays young Paige, whose cussing, she says, will have fans asking, “Who’s letting this girl use this language?”

Marque portrays Mal, a caseworker at a halfway house. He says he loves that his character is “empathetic and compassionate,” noting the role “came at the right time in my life” as he was looking “to work with people that I loved and respected.”

Faly, Jordyn and Marque all worked with Kerry in some capacity. Faly calls Kerry an inspiration, while Jordyn describes her as “a really nice person” and says she loved her energy. Marque tried not to let his fandom take over.

“I was trying to do my best not to get fired because I’m such a fan and a student of both Kerry and Delroy,” he said. “If you think about what we’re actually doing … I’m working with Kerry, I’m working with Delroy, or even working with these people (Jordyn and Faly), I woulda lost my job cuz I woulda lost my mind.” (AUDIO 1-ON-1)

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