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Usher’s Ex Wife Addresses Rico Love’s Somebody Else Remix


Image Courtesy RCA/Saccenti

Earlier this week, Usher revisited a failed relationship in Rico Love‘s track “Somebody Else,” and his ex-wife, Tameka Raymond has taken notice.

She vented her frustration about his telling lyrics, “As the World Turns..Ex is still talking about me in songs,” she tweeted, while also accusing a  former employee of stealing from her. “But if I say anything I’m bitter?? Ha. Bite me.”

In the song, Usher sings that he hopes his old lover “finds somebody else” because “it won’t get better until you find somebody else.”  The recently engaged singer adds: “She be all into the drama, but I just want us to be close/She’s all about the commotion, I swear she got a heart of stone/Can’t turn back time, I know we can’t right those wrongs/But at least inside her mind, it’s like I’m the only one.”

The former couple married in 2007 but split two years later — they share two children together.

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