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Viola Davis covers ‘People’: There was never a time that I changed myself


Courtesy: PEOPLEViola Davis graces the new issue of People magazine, on stands on Friday. In a cover story called “How I Found My Strength,” she discusses motherhood, marriage and how she overcame her early career struggles.

“In the beginning of my career, I handled rejection by personalizing it,” Davis explains. “For me, people were just cementing what I felt like I already knew about myself: that I wasn’t attractive, I didn’t have a commercial look, I wasn’t feminine enough… so I settled on that.”

However, Davis notes, “If I were to look back, there was never a time that I changed myself, and that’s a big deal for me.”

Davis also reveals how a higher power led her to her husband, Julius Tennon.

“I literally got on my knees after a friend of mine told me to pray for my husband,” she admits. “Three and a half weeks later I met Julius.” She describes him as a “mensch” — the Yiddish word for “a person of integrity and honor,” and says he’s “pure” and has “a heart that comes into the room before he does.”

Together, Tennon and Davis are the proud parents of daughter Genesis, but the Oscar, Emmy and Tony-winner admits she’s far from the perfect mother.

“Some days I give myself an A-plus, other days I give myself a D-minus,” she says, but adds, “I feel like I’m the mom who has the courage to share her story with her daughter. To tell her that she’s going to make some big old mistakes, and that Mommy is not going to have the answers, and sometimes you’re not either.”

She adds, “I’m the mom who says, ‘You’re good enough wherever you are, but there’s going to be times when you don’t feel good enough.’”

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