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Watch Lil Uzi Vert’s short film ‘Baby Pluto’ ahead of new album ‘Eternal Atake’


Spike JordanLil Uzi Vert is transporting his fans into his own universe with his new short film Baby Pluto, ahead of his upcoming album Eternal Atake. The 25-year-old rapper released the film earlier today, thanking Travis Scott for allowing him to use a “Way Back” sample from his 2016  Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight album.

“Thank you @trvisXX for clearing ‘Way Back’ sample it’s about 2 be a movie,” he wrote. “I owe you, signed BABY PLUTO.”

For weeks, Uzi has been teasing fans on social media with details about his upcoming album, and even let Twitter fans choose the cover art. Directed by the rapper himself, the short film shows the rebirth of Uzi’s alter ego, Baby Pluto.

The film begins with a galactic view of the world before coming back down to reality, with Uzi at his office desk, staring at a malfunctioning computer screen at his office desk. After driving to a grass field, he witnesses two women dressed in purple and blue dresses emerge from a crashed UFO.  Uzi then transforms into Baby Pluto as his newly-released single “Futsal Shuttle 2020” plays in the background. 

Last night, Baby Pluto took to Twitter to explain the significance of color between the women’s dresses in the video. 

“If the Ladies in purple Decides to wear Blue they are Searching For Love And Rebirth so that means they take your soul and you will be stuck at the age that was your best year,” he wrote. “BUT Everything and everyone you love will die or disappear as time goes on.”

Lil Uzi Vert is expected to drop Eternal Atake on March 16th. 

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