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Watch now: Anthony Hamilton protests gun violence in new video, “Love Conquers All”


LeAnn MuellerAnthony Hamilton is raising his voice to protest gun violence in his new video, “Love Conquers All,” which he released Friday.

‘“Love Conquers All” tackles tough, uncomfortable subjects like gun control, criminal justice reform, and prioritizing education,” Hamilton tells Essence. “An artist has two choices. Stay quiet, or use your voice.”

“Another place of worship was the target of bigotry and hate in a Pittsburgh synagogue,” he continues. “We can’t stay quiet and allow fear to paralyze us. Despite feeling overwhelmed and powerless when hate breaks out, we can do something. We can get up and vote for candidates who believe in gun reform.”

“It’s not about taking away the right to bear arms,” the Grammy winner says. “It’s about making sure that assault rifles that are meant for war don’t end up in churches and schools.”

The video ends with a speech by the late Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. saying, “I am tired of living everyday under the threat of death.”

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