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Watch now: Mariah Carey sips wine in lingerie after telling her man to “GTFO” in new video


Butterfly MC Records/Epic RecordsMariah Carey is doing just fine on her own in the new music video for “GTFO.”

The clip for her nonchalant send-off of an ex-lover features Mariah dressed in lingerie and sipping wine in a empty house. Though her words for the ex are harsh — the title stands for “Get the F*** Out” — the singer seems unbothered and better off without the guy.

“GTFO” is the precursor to another new song, “With You,” the official first single from Mariah’s new album. That song will be out October 5.

The album, due later, will be Mariah’s 15th and her first studio release since 2014.  It’ll arrive on her new imprint, Butterfly MC Records, as part of a new partnership she signed with Epic Records in 2017.

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