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Whoa Kelly: Kelly Rowland talks about inspiration behind new book on motherhood, Whoa Baby


Da Capo PressKelly Rowland has two things to be proud of lately: her stretch marks, of which she was recently shamed for while wearing a swimsuit on the beach, and her new book about motherhood, titled Whoa Baby, which was inspired by a discussion with her doctor. 

The singer says, “Me and my doctor sat down and spoke about it and I said, ‘Somebody needs to come up, come out with a book that is an answer to everything that happened.’ She’s like, ‘Yeah, we should do it.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah we should do it!'”

She adds, “Immediately I started jotting down everything that I remembered that happened, asked other girlfriends what happened to them and just talked about it all in a book.” 

But it wasn’t just Kelly’s doctor that led to the creation of Whoa Baby. The former Destiny’s Child singer explains that the experiences of other mothers, including questions she had before the birth of her now two-year old son, Titan Jewell Witherspoon, led to the creation of the book.

Kelly adds, “They were just saying that how after they had their baby, they had a gazillion questions — before What to Expect When Expecting did the most amazing job at letting us know every single fine detail — and I said, ‘Oh my God.’

“Mentally, physically, spiritually it’s so many things that happen to us and I wasn’t getting any answers or I wasn’t getting enough answers, so I said, ‘Let me write these things down.’ And it’s in a book.”  

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