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Wu Tang Clan’s RZA releases mediation EP for creatives, ‘Guided Explorations’


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A man of many talents, skills and films, the legendary RZA is drawing from his own wisdom to help creatives explore their mind with his Guided Explorations EP. 

“Meditate on this… If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit,” he tweeted.

The Wu Tang Clan member teamed up with herbal tea company TAZO for create a unique track list aimed to help individuals explore and unlock their creative mind.

Each audio experience tackles a different obstacle or challenge faced by most creatives through five meditative techniques: mental noting, journal writing, power posing, verbalizing and walking.

RZA gaining notoriety producing almost all of Wu Tang Clan’s albums, including a few solo projects for himself and others, before moving into film-making in the late 90s. He broke down the inspiration behind the inspiring collaboration in an interview with Forbes.

“I’m at the phase in my life where I think the best thing I could do is inspire,” he said. “Whether that’s inspiring some kid from my neighborhood who thinks they’ll never make it out; [or] inspiring someone who picked up a guitar and is frustrated, feeling like the dexterity of his fingers won’t ever get there to hold the chord; or some writer who thinks that they’ll never write anything good because they don’t have the time and they’ve gotta chase the dime.”

“I’m looking to inspire and break that stagnation from other artists and other creative minds,” RZA adds.

Reach deep into your consciousnesses to create your strongest, most bold self on “If Not You, Who?” “Kill the Noise” helps listeners block out distractions, while “Fan Your Flames” allows you to rediscover your early influences to better reach your creative potential. 

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