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Is T.D. Jakes Leaving The Potter’s House for Hollywood??


Bishop T.D. Jakes launched his daytime talk show two weeks ago to great reviews, so much so that there are rumors that the Potter’s House pastor will leave the church that he founded over 20 years ago to move to Hollywood to concentrate on his show full time, but Jakes says that is totally false.

“No, no, not right now. This is not an either-or. I am basically planning on pastoring my church and doing this show” he said. “If the show continues to be relevant, I want to continue to do it and I want to continue to pastor my church. My children are all grown. We are empty nesters. We can pack a bag and run out the door without any apprehension or anxiety. It’s the season in our lives where we can travel again. I love what I am doing.”

“T.D. Jakes” airs weekdays at 3:00 on Ch 8.

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