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Hezekiah Walker Says He’s “Bowing Out!”


Something or someone has apparently ticked off Hezekiah Walker who has taken to social media to voice his complaints about what he calls the “GATEKEEPERS!”

This statement was posted to Waker’s Facebook page:


I normally don’t use social media for what I’m about to say but the elephant in the room can’t be ignored anymore at least not by me.

I’m extremely tired of these so called GATEKEEPERS who think they have a monopoly over the Industry and Pulpit. Their managers, publicist, teams, along with themselves are silently competitive and hide behind kindness when they are in your company as they work earnestly to keep you away from their platforms and level of fame. Be aware of managers, publicist and teams that will pitch you to compete with other artists or pastors based on negativity and lies that are brought to you by them to boost your ego. This group normally have GRACE for some and CRUCIFY others. These GATEKEEPERS are so desperate to keep fame and status until they manipulate and cover a platform that actually belongs to God. You guys can have it I’m done with it and them!

It’s still not clear what this means as far as his recording career as Walker is currently enjoying the success of his song “Better”, and is also part of the Festival of Praise tour that will be at the Music Hall at Fair Park this Sunday, November 20th! Click HERE to win your way in!

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