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Kirk Franklin Gets Major Hate Over Muslim Tweet!


Kirk Franklin is the latest victim of mean tweets after he tweeted in opposition to President Donald Trump’s Executive Order to ban refugees and legal immigrants from seven predominately Muslim countries.

“I am a Christian who would rather sit at the table with a Muslim brother than ban him from a home that wasn’t originally mine,” is what Franklin Tweeted and that started a storm of vicious attacks against the Gospel singer.

Franklin return with a series of tweets explaining his side of the argument:

Morning family. Since my tweet about Muslim ban yesterday, my timeline has been filled with people fighting with each other to be right…

Using God as their defense and attacking my theology for using the word “brother” to define my relationship with someone different than me-

It was a term of endearment. But because we have been fed fear we’re quick to react and not give grace to each other.

We need an international class on communication and agreeing to disagree without attacking character. This can’t continue…

Everyone will lose. No one wins when the agenda is to be right. I don’t know one does. But pride will kill this country..

“If my people…..” love you.

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