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Tina Campbell Responds To Grammy Nomination!


Congratulations to Tina Campbell on her Grammy nomination in the Best Gospel Performance/Song category for her song “Too Hard Not To.”

The Mary Mary singer was extremely excited and posted her gratitude on her Instagram page!

This is so unexpected but im so grateful🙌🏽. This song is God breathed, extremely personal, and it’s how I acquired a better life. Money cant buy it. Fame can accomplish it. Intellect can mastermind it. Power cant acquire it. But God can give it if you chose his idea. His idea, concept, philosophy, wisdom, presented by way of the lyrics, melody, and music of this song, is what takes you from mere existence or mere survival to freedom and abundant living that cant be measured or stolen by people nor things. When you cant control life, you control you and chose forgiveness and with God’s help you’ll succeed at it. That is power. That is love. That is living. I pray that forgiving, because it’s just “Too Hard Not To”, becomes the anthem, the philosophy, the reality, and gateway to total healing and freedom for billions, just as it was for me. Thank you @steppielou #PattiConti #TommyCouch and #Malaco #TracyArtist @ignitionpr #ElizabethAdam , my executive producer #TeddyCampbell and my producer @warryncampbell for all your brilliance, excellence, and diligence so far. Win or no win, this is awesome and the #teamwork is making the dream work😉. I appreciate yall. And thank you to E @imericacampbell for playing me 1st and Goo @theegoogoo for making me look good. I love you lil mices😘 And if any of y’all are as excited as i am #Repost 😊😊😊

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The 60th Annual Grammy Awards will air January 28th on CBS.

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