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Tina Campbell’s Call To Action For Human Slave Trade In Libya


Tina Campbell believes in the power of prayer, that’s why she’s calling on the world to join her today for an International Day of Prayer to end the human slave trade in Libya.

Campbell posted a video on her social media pages as well as links to politicians and organizations that you can call to voice your concern about the issue.

**PLEASE HELP US STOP HUMAN SLAVERY! READ AND REPOST** #LibyaCallToAction (full list on PLEASE #RESPOST And Use Hashtag #LibyaCallToAction The Crisis: Our Effort: -An international day of prayer (please #REPOST this flyer and info) -A petition to the US Ambassador to the UN (please SIGN OUR PETITION: -The plan of action below: 1) Contact US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, @nikkihaley to encourage her to continue to prioritize this slave trade issue within the United Nations system by signing the above petition. You can also reach Nikki Haley via the UN website: Official twitter/IG for the US mission to the United Nations: @USUN Official Facebook: 2) Support and Donate to the IOM (International Organization for Migration), who’s working in Libya to protect migrants' human rights and prevent them from being trafficked into servitude by smugglers. IOM has been successful in shutting down seven detention centers (where migrants are abused and where the enslavement processes often originates): Official website: Official twitter/IG: @UNmigration Official Facebook: Official YouTube page: 3) CONTACT YOUR LOCAL CONGRESSMEN via this easy app: And let them know that this modern day slave trade in Libya grieves you and you’d like their support in urging the US to take action towards stopping this atrocity. 4) Contact Social Media companies. According to the IOM, smugglers have used Facebook Live to broadcast videos of imprisoned migrants in Libya. They send videos to migrant’s family members as a way of extorting money for their release. The IOM is asking social media companies to ban the use of their services for the sharing of these types of videos. Please help them by contacting Facebook to echo their requests:

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