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Erica Campbell Reveals Suicidal Thoughts


Erica Campbell has revealed that she once had suicidal thoughts. The singer known her inspirational songs says that the thoughts happened when she was a child.

“I remember when I was twelve, we were living in Inglewood and I tried to kill myself,” she said in the latest episode of her reality show “We’re The Campbells”. “Something was telling me, ‘Just slice your wrists in the kitchen.’”

The Mary Mary singer added that it was faith that stopped her from making the decision to end her life.

“I heard that voice, but I thank God for that prayer that was going on in that house because I knew not to do that,” she said. “Now I know it was the enemy trying to take my life even as a young girl. But I don’t think I’ve ever told anybody. I don’t think I’ve shared that.”

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