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David & Tamela Mann Release Fall Tour Dates!

David & Tamela Mann have released more dates for their Mann’s World Family Tour which launched last year. The tour which features the Manns and their children David Jr. and Tia features a live DJ, comedy and of course singing! Click HERE for a list of new dates, according to the Mann’s Facebook page, more… Read more »

How Tamela Mann’s Song Gave Hope To A Homeless Man!

Tamela Mann saw first hand how her music helps people. During a recent stop on her “Mann Family Tour”, the gospel music songbird and husband David encountered a homeless man who explained that he had recently attempted suicide but it was her song “God Provides” that gave him hope. A Young Man Once Attempted Suicide,… Read more »

David & Tamela Mann Show Love To “Voice” Contestants!

David & Tamela Mann showed major love to Chris Blue and Aliyah Moulden, two contestants on “The Voice!” Blue and Moulden have made it to the finals and both performed versions of songs made famous by Mann, Blue performed a great version of “Take Me To The King” and Moulden performed “I Can Only Imagine”,… Read more »

David & Tamela Mann Don’t Believe The Hype!

David & Tamela Mann are enjoying tremendous success with their Bounce TV sitcom “Mann & Wife”, their new TV One reality show “The Manns”, and Tamela’s award winning album “One Way.” Tamela says that one of the keys to their success is staying humble and not believing their own hype. “It’s really not about us,… Read more »

Yuck!!! David & Tamela Mann Eat Worms!!!

David & Tamela Mann premiered their new reality show “The Mann’s” last week, and it was totally crazy! Instead of the drama that is normally seen on reality shows, the Manns’ show is all about family and fun! During the premiere episode the Mann family participated in their version of “Fear Factor” that challenged David… Read more »

David & Tamela Mann’s Other New Show Premieres Tonight!

David & Tamela Mann are all over TV, the new season of their sitcom “Mann & Wife” premiered last week on Bounce TV, and tonight their new reality show “The Manns” will debut on TV One. Unlike a lot of reality TV, you won’t see a bunch of drama and nonsense on “The Manns” but… Read more »

David & Tamela Mann’s Home Struck By Lightning

David & Tamela Mann are living out 1 Thessalonians 5:18 which says “In every thing give thanks…” by being very thankful that no one was hurt despite the fact that their Kennedale home was struck by lightning during the massive storms earlier this week. “Imagine an explosion waking you up,” the Manns wrote on Instagram,… Read more »

Inside David & Tamela Mann’s Marriage!

We’ve seen David & Tamela Mann on stage, on TV, and in the movies, but what are they REALLY like? The Mann’s take us inside their relationship to find out annoying habits, favorite vacation spots, and the truth about lying?? And they do it as only David & Tamela can!

David & Tamela Mann Get “Real!”

David & Tamela Mann stopped by to hang out with the ladies on “The Real” and they had a lot to reveal, including recent weight loss victories and even family secrets, but in true Mann fashion they handle it with humor! The Mann’s also reveal why they didn’t want to do a reality show! David… Read more »

David & Tamela Mann get real…on ‘The Real!’

Gospel power couple David & Tamela Mann stopped by to hang out with the ladies on ‘The Real’ and it was…real crazy! The Mann’s talked about their blended family, their new Bounce TV show “Mann & Wife”, and then it got crazy when they played the ‘Nursery Rhyme Remix Challenge!’