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Deitrick Haddon Plays Corrupt Preacher In New Movie!

Gospel sensation Deitrick Haddon is about to hit the small screen as a corrupt preacher in the movie “Sins of the Father.” Haddon who is also a real life pastor plays the role of Clarence Burnett a pastor in Atlanta who’s happily married to Karen. The couple’s world is torn apart when Karen is brutally… Read more »

Deitrick Haddon Writes New Songs For Usher!

Gospel singer Deitrick Haddon is making major moves by writing songs for R&B singer Usher! The former Preachers of L.A. reality star who is also the Pastor of Hill City Church in Los Angeles is the writer of You Decide and Say What U Want, both songs appear on Usher’s new album “A.”

Deitrick Haddon Responds to Le’Andria Johnson’s Video Rant!

Deitrick Haddon has responded to Gospel singer Le’Andria Johnson‘s viral video rant from last weekend. Johnson was “un’booked” from the Essence Festival and in her hurt and anger went on a profanity laced tirade against the church, pastors, and Christianity. Now Haddon has posted a response to Johnson’s “church hurt” video.

Deitrick Haddon Jams With ‘Adorable’ New Band!

Only Deitrick Haddon can turn daddy duty into a jam session, and that’s exactly what he did when he picked up daughters Destiny and Denver from school! The Haddon girls made guitars at school and that’s all Deitrick needed! Check out the Haddon family jam session! It’s a party everyday after school with the crew!… Read more »

Deitrick Haddon Drops New Video!

Fresh on the heels of his chart topping song “A Billion People”, gospel music star Deitrick Haddon has released the video for his new single “Glory!” The song may sound familiar to R&B fans as Haddon samples the very popular Mtume song “Juicy Fruit”, and the video is just as good with D Haddy and… Read more »

Deitrick Haddon Drops New Music!

Deitrick Haddon is back and he’s looking for “A Billion People!” That’s the title of Haddon’s new song from his forthcoming album. The song also features the Hill City Worship Camp from the Hill City Church in Los Angeles where D Haddy also serves as Pastor! Haddon has also released the video to the song…. Read more »

Deitrick Haddon Launches New Church This Weekend!

Deitrick Haddon launched Hill City Church three months ago as a mid week service, but this weekend Haddon’s church will begin holding Sunday services! “I’m excited to announce that @hillcitychurchla is now starting Sunday worship encounters! Your Sunday afternoon will never be the same,” the Instagram message reads. “Feel free to worship with @hillcitychurchla at… Read more »

Deitrick Haddon Becomes A Real ‘Preacher Of L.A!’

Deitrick Haddon is not just the star of “Preachers of L.A.”, he’s now an actual preacher of L.A! Haddon has launched his new ministry Hill City Church in Los Angeles. “I’ve prayed, I’ve fasted and i’ve waited and God said the season is NOW!” Haddon posted on his Facebook page. “I’m excited to announce the… Read more »

Deitrick Haddon Says New Album Is For The Un-Churched!

Deitrick Haddon is preparing to release his new album “Masterpiece” and he says that while the album is full of the message of Jesus Christ, part of it is geared towards those who are un-churched. “It’s going to be my most creative record and definitely takes you through the experiences I’ve had in my journey”… Read more »

Deitrick Haddon Prepares His “Masterpiece!”

Gospel singer Deitrick Haddon is preparing to release his new album, “Masterpiece!” The album which features the song “Restore Me Again” that you hear on “Gospel Sunday” as well as 15 other songs that are a mixture of gospel, R&B, hip-hop, and reggae which is why Haddon gave it the name “Masterpiece” “Our lives are… Read more »