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Donnie McClurkin Apologizes For Trump Comments

Gospel singer and pastor Donnie McClurkin recently said that even if you don’t agree with the policies of President Donald Trump or like him as a person, instead of just complaining and protesting, you should pray for him, now he is apologizing for those comments. McClurkin made his comments during a live Facebook session. “I… Read more »

Kirk Franklin Gets Major Hate Over Muslim Tweet!

Kirk Franklin is the latest victim of mean tweets after he tweeted in opposition to President Donald Trump’s Executive Order to ban refugees and legal immigrants from seven predominately Muslim countries. “I am a Christian who would rather sit at the table with a Muslim brother than ban him from a home that wasn’t originally… Read more »

Gospel Singer Vicki Yohe Slammed For Trump Post!

Black Twitter and the Gospel community has gone all the way in on singer Vicki Yohe over a post on her social media site. The singer who is white and famous for her song “Because Of Who You Are” does a majority of her ministry in black churches and over the weekend she posted a… Read more »

Kirk Franklin Declines Inauguration Request

Gospel superstar Kirk Franklin says that he was invited to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration, but said no. “I respect the office, but I have to see tangible things addressed and apologize for” he said. “It is not an attack on those that chose to. They followed their own conviction. I humbly had to find… Read more »

Gospel Singer Travis Greene Explains Inauguration Performance

Although several entertainers have refused to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration, gospel singer Travis Greene has agreed to go, but according to the “Made A Way” singer his appearance isn’t about Trump, but about Jesus as he explained in a post on his Facebook page.

T.D. Jakes Hosts “A Conversation With America” TODAY!

The results of the Presidential Election are in and now it’s time to talk! Bishop T.D. Jakes hosts a “Conversation With America: Presidential Election Special” today. “We promise an empowering and positive discussion about how we can come together under our new leadership to make this country work better for all of us moving forward”… Read more »

Kirk Franklin Goes In On Donald Trump Supporters!

Kirk Franklin has a message for evangelical Christians who are supporting Donald Trump for President, read Galatians 5:22 and see if it lines up! “I hope all my evangelical friends who are considering Trump also remember one of fruits of the spirit is kindness…where’s the apples,” Franklin tweeted. This isn’t Franklin’s first time addressing Christians… Read more »

WOW! Kirk Franklin Goes In On Preachers Over Donald Trump!

Kirk Franklin’s not too happy with some African-American preachers who met with Donald Trump. “To every pastor that stood next to Donald Trump last week, I hope you now see why we’re losing respect as Christians in the world,” Franklin tweeted. “While you were so busy wanting ‘camera time’, you didn’t ‘take time’ to examine… Read more »