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David Mann Can’t Get Enough Of Yella Beezy!

Hanging out with David Mann has got to be a non-stop laugh-fest! The hubby of Gospel music diva Tamela Mann was caught on video getting his groove on to Yella Beezy’s “That’s On Me”, and as always…it’s totally hilarious! 😂 My kids drove my car and it doesn’t matter how many times I tell them not… Read more »

David & Tamela Mann Get Caught In The Act!!

OMG!!! It’s every child’s worse nightmare and it happened in the Mann house! David and Tamela Mann were apparently caught in the ‘act’ by son David Jr., who recently moved back in with his parents…and the hilarious moment was caught on tape! Empty nesters no more they thought we dont make love anymore what up… Read more »

Inside David & Tamela Mann’s 30th Anniversary!

David & Tamela Mann are planning something BIG for their 30th anniversary, but they aren’t saying what! The Mann’s will celebrate 30 years of marriage on April 24, 2018 and they posted a portion of their anniversary photo shoot for their fans on Instagram! Photo shoot not our favorite but we had to do it… Read more »

David Mann Shows Off His New Blond ‘Girlfriend!’

David Mann continues to be absolutely crazy! The ‘Mr. Brown’ actor was at the DOVE Awards last night in Nashville showing off his new ‘girlfriend’ also known as his wife Tamela Mann who was nominated for three awards and was also sporting a new blond hairdo! Check out Mann’s live Instagram video: Me and my… Read more »

David & Tamela Mann Don’t Believe The Hype!

David & Tamela Mann are enjoying tremendous success with their Bounce TV sitcom “Mann & Wife”, their new TV One reality show “The Manns”, and Tamela’s award winning album “One Way.” Tamela says that one of the keys to their success is staying humble and not believing their own hype. “It’s really not about us,… Read more »

David & Tamela Mann Announce New TV Show!

David & Tamela Mann are returning to TV! The husband and wife team who have starred in “Meet The Browns”, Mann & Wife, and the reality show “It’s A Mann’s World” will star in the one hour docu-series “The Manns!” The Mann’s new show will be seen on TV One and network is excited about… Read more »