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Tina Campbell Explains The Love Encounter For Marriages!

Tina Campbell and hubby Teddy Campbell continue on their mission the help marriages grow by unveiling their Love Encounter events for couples. “Me and Teddy totally understand that marriage is God’s creation” the Mary Mary singer said. “This union was His idea and He wants us to enjoy each other and to have fun and… Read more »

Tina Campbell FINALLY Saw Black Panther…See Her Review!

Tina Campbell has joined the rest of the world in seeing Black Panther, and she absolutely loved it! The Mary Mary singer says that her performing schedule kept her from seeing the movie on opening weekend, but she and hubby Teddy Campbell finally saw it and she let all of her Instagram fans know what… Read more »

Tina Campbell Postpones Tour!

Tina Campbell was scheduled to kick off her 21-city It’s Still Personal Tour this month, but now fans will have to wait a little longer. The Mary Mary singer tweeted early this morning that the tour has been postponed due to slow ticket sales. I hope to see you at “The It’s Still Personal Experience”… Read more »

Tina Campbell & Hubby Get Caught By The Kids!!

Tina Campbell and hubby Teddy Campbell are extremely transparent in their YouTube web series 10 Minutes With Teddy And Tina and their latest episode is not only very informative…but very hilarious as they reveal getting “caught” by their kids! Created and produced by Teddy and Tina Campbell, each episode of 10 Minutes With Teddy And… Read more »

Tina & Teddy Campbell Want To Help Marriages On “Mary Mary!”

Tina & Teddy Campbell are using their personal drama to help other couples! The Campbells who faced serious marital issues on their reality show “Mary Mary” say that instead of the normal reality show drama, season 6 of their show will be used to help save marriages. “If you are out there and you guys… Read more »

Tina & Teddy Campbell Launch New Series!

Tina & Teddy Campbell have launched their new online series and the first show is pretty hot! In the first episode of their YouTube series, “10 Minutes With Teddy And Tina” the couple admit to falling into to pre-marital sex they say that it was a huge mistake. “We entered into the relationship wrong,” admitted… Read more »

Tina & Teddy Campbell Reveal New Show!

Tina Campbell and Hubby Teddy are using their professional and personal experience to speak into the lives of others through a new internet project. The Mary Mary singer and her husband of nearly 17 years will launch “10 Minutes With Teddy And Tina” on Valentines day on their new YouTube channel and they explained their… Read more »

Tina Campbell’s Fall Tour Will Be FREE!!

Tina Campbell is hitting the road and she wants everyone to experience her ministry! The Mary Mary singer has announced that her fall tour will be FREE! “Once you find your identity in Christ, you just can’t keep quiet about it…….SO IT’S ABOUT TO GET REAL LOUD!!!!! Come and experience the journey of a once… Read more »

Tina Campbell Debuts New Video!

Tina Campbell is enjoying the success of her debut solo album “It’s Personal” and now she’s unveiling a new video for the song “Speak The Word!” The Mary Mary singer also debuts a new singing partner on the song, husband Teddy Campbell!  

Tina Campbell’s Amazing Road To Marriage Recovery!

If you’ve saw the last season of the ‘Mary Mary’ reality show, then you already know the drama that Tina Campbell went through in her marriage once she found out that husband Teddy had committed adultery. But that’s not how the story ended, Campbell and her hubby have experienced an incredible healing in their marriage… Read more »