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Kirk Franklin Gets Major Hate Over Muslim Tweet!

Kirk Franklin is the latest victim of mean tweets after he tweeted in opposition to President Donald Trump’s Executive Order to ban refugees and legal immigrants from seven predominately Muslim countries. “I am a Christian who would rather sit at the table with a Muslim brother than ban him from a home that wasn’t originally… Read more »

Kirk Franklin Defends Listening To ‘Secular’ Music!

Gospel music superstar Kirk Franklin clapped back at a fan after posting support of Bruno Mars’ new album. “OK. I give in, the Bruno Mars album is dope. I guess he said somebody gotta do it” is what Franklin tweeted. That tweet was met with this tweet from a fan. “secular music Kirk?” Franklin then… Read more »

Kirk Franklin Says Prayer Still Works!

Gospel superstar Kirk Franklin says that despite all that is going on in the world with killings and terrorist attacks, the “Wanna Be Happy” singer says that believes that prayer still works. “Aren’t you getting tired of posting pictures of countless tragedies in the world..?” he said. “I am. I even had someone on Twitter… Read more »