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Why Is Tamela Mann Working At Walmart?!!

Has Tamela Mann found a new career? The ‘Take Me To The King’ singer and husband David Mann were involved in some hilarious shenanigans, as for some reason Tamala was behind the counter at Walmart! It’s not known if this was being recorded for their reality show, but it was caught on video and posted… Read more »

Kirk Franklin Creates New Song For Walmart & BET!

Kirk Franklin is always finding new ways to inspire with his music! The ‘Wanna Be Happy’ singer has teamed up with Walmart and BET to create the timely song “Get Together”, and he says that he wants the song to give people hope. “Everything can’t be about turning up when people are losing everything that… Read more »

Kirk Franklin Takes Over Walmart With Free Gift Cards!

Kirk Franklin made Christmas a little merrier for some Walmart shoppers! Franklin showed up at a Maryland Walmart to sign copies of his new album “Losing My Religion”, but the store didn’t have any in stock…so he did the next best thing and bought hundreds of gift cards to give away! “Excuse me, ladies and… Read more »