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When Kirk Franklin Stops By Starbucks!

Kirk Franklin is all about love…and surprises, and when he recently showed up at Starbucks he gave both! The Wanna Be Happy singer popped in on couple who were studying and what happened next was pure Kirk! Love God. Love People. @mrtrather salute!πŸ‘πŸΎ A post shared by Kirk Franklin (@kirkfranklin) on Aug 23, 2017 at… Read more »

Kirk Franklin’s Hilarious Family Night Out!

One of the many reasons that love Kirk Franklin is because of his commitment to his family, and last night he allowed his fans to experience part of the Franklin family night out! Franklin along with wife Tammy and son Caziah were hanging out in Downtown Ft. Worth when the Grammy winning singer burst into… Read more »

Kirk Franklin Makes Bold Confession!

We all know Kirk Franklin as a powerhouse Gospel music performer, but he says that he wants to be more than that. In a recent Instagram post the Wanna Be Happy singer confesses that wants his life to match up with his songs and be totally sold out for the Lord! πŸ™πŸΎ A post shared… Read more »

Kirk Franklin’s Wife Has Advice For Married Women!

Kirk Franklin and his wife Tammy have been married for over 20 years, and according to Mrs. Franklin the key to their marital success is unselfish love and putting the needs each other first. Franklin gave an example her selfless love in a recent Instagram post. I love being his wife but I'm also very… Read more »

Kirk Franklin Shuts Down ‘Separation’ Rumor!

Kirk Franklin unknowingly addressed a horrible rumor that he and wife Tammy have split, confirming that all is well in Franklinland! The “Wanna Be Happy” singer was doing a live Facebook chat with fellow gospel artist Tasha Page Lockhart when he made mention to the audience that he wasn’t wearing his wedding ring. Franklin explained… Read more »

Kirk & Tammy Franklin Reveal What Saved Their Marriage!

Gospel superstar Kirk Franklin and his wife Tammy are celebrating 21 years of marriage and while it may look like the perfect marriage, the Franklins admit that it took many years of prayer and even counseling to get to where they are today. “I think that as a culture we kind of shy away from… Read more »

Kirk Franklin Worn Out By Social Media Fights!

Kirk Franklin says that he’s had enough of the fights on social media. “I’m tired. I really am, as a Christian having to fight all these other Christians publicly,” Franklin replied to music artist @RealTravisJames. β€œNO ONE comes to me in love to discuss their feelings about ME. It’s always a public discussion from the… Read more »

Kirk Franklin Declines Inauguration Request

Gospel superstar Kirk Franklin says that he was invited to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration, but said no. “I respect the office, but I have to see tangible things addressed and apologize for” he said. “It is not an attack on those that chose to. They followed their own conviction. I humbly had to find… Read more »

Kirk Franklin Writes Open-Letter To Christians

Kirk Franklin has always been outspoken whether it be about issues of Police brutality, racisim in America, or Christians who listen to secular music. Recently the “Wanna Be Happy” singer wrote an ‘open letter’ to his fellow Christians which was published by the Huffington Post: As we take a deep breath and step into a… Read more »

Kirk Franklin Defends Listening To ‘Secular’ Music!

Gospel music superstar Kirk Franklin clapped back at a fan after posting support of Bruno Mars’ new album. “OK. I give in, the Bruno Mars album is dope. I guess he said somebody gotta do it” is what Franklin tweeted. That tweet was met with this tweet from a fan. “secular music Kirk?” Franklin then… Read more »