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Home Alone Tragedy Toddler Put In Oven


How many babies have to be murdered due to neglect when the parents leave underage children alone at home to baby sit each other. This story makes me sick to my stomach.

Report from DFW.cbslocal Texas Child Protective Services say that a Houston area toddler died after being put in the oven by one of her two, 3-year-old siblings.

A woman left her two 3-year-old children in charge of 19-month old, J’zyra Thompson.  They put her in the oven.  Court records show two three year-old children told CPS that they made the oven “hot”. They said the baby was kicking the oven door while inside the oven.

KTRK-TV reports, neighbors say the mother and boyfriend would often leave the kids home alone. Why didn’t they call CPS sooner or did they.

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