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Rachel Roy Gets Caught Up After Bey Hive Attack


Rachel Roy has gone into social media hiding after hinting that she is “Becky with The Good Hair” a reference made by Beyonce in Lemonade. The album hinted that Queen Bey would leave her husband Jay-Z amid cheating rumors with the lyric  like “ashes to ashes, dust to the side chic”. This morning I woke up to a twitter firestorm aimed at Rachel Roy who had the nerve  to post “Good hair don’t care” on Instagram. The post and her account have been made private becasue the “BeyHive” destroyed her on twitter and IG.

Rachel Roy is trending worldwide for over 8 hours now.

Beyonce released her visual album Lemonade on HBO Saturday night. The Weekend, Kendrick Lamar, Serena Williams, Blue Ivy and Jay-Z made appearances throughout the evening. 

It is powerful and something any female can relate to. Kudos to Beyonce for giving females a whole album to cry to when you find out your man has cheated on you. 




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