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Colin Kaepernick & Nick Cannon Million Dollar Pledge 10 for 10


Colin Kaepernick is true to his word when he announced in September that he was donating one million dollars to help communities fight oppression and support minority empowerment. He has completed the pledge and so far he has donated $900,000 to 31 organizations. By teaming up with 10 of his celebrity friends for his Million Dollar Pledge he has raised hundred of thousands of dollars.  His charity mission is to fight oppression of all kinds globally, education and social activism.  The former NFL quarterback met his goal to get a $10,000 donation from 10 of his counterparts to fight for social change. Watch Nick Cannon participate in Day 7 of the pledge.

“No matter what I have to sacrifice, if you see wrong in the world, you must say that it is wrong,”


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