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Mary J. Blige: On Female Empowerment & Oscars [WATCH]


Mary J. Blige speaks her truth on female Empowerment as we salute her talent, courage and two Oscar nominations. Check out behind the scenes of her photo shoot for Variety and what her nomination means to her.  The Grammy winning singer talks about empowering women and the difficulties we face. “It seems like we have to overcompensate just for being  women”, the Grammy winner said.

Mary will step into Hollywood history tonight when she performs her nominated song “Mighty River ” at the  90th Academy Awards in Los Angeles. Mary is also nominated for Best Supporting Actor for her role as Florence Jackson in “Mudbound.”  The two nominations makes Mary the first person to be honored as actress and singer.   “Mudbound” is available on Netflix!

Women’s History Month Salute to Mary J. Blige!

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