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Jada Smith Reveals Why Will Would Never Get Divorced


Jada Pinkett Smith Reveals why she and Will will never get divorced in ‘Red Table Talk’ This Monday, October 22nd is the return of Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Facebook Watch show, Red Table Talk. The show features Jada, her mom and her 17 year old daughter, Willow, at a “red table” interviewing various guests. Season 2 kicks off with a bang with husband Will Smith seated at the table. Over the years, the famous couple have been the subject of various rumors such as, divorce, that they are swingers and that they are Scientologists. They even joke on the divorce rumors. Jada said, it’s cheaper to keep me. Jada also said, I had to gain my strength as Jada. Not mommy. Not wife. Jada. Other guests this season include, Grey’s Anatomy Ellen Pompeo and Leah Remini.

‘Red Table Talk’ kicks off Season 2 October 22, 2018 on Facebook Watch.

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