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Donald Trump Attacked 6 Black Women in 3 Days: ‘Nasty,’ ‘Loser,’ ‘Racist Question’ and ‘Stupid Question’


Donald Trump has stepped up his attacks on the free press and especially prominent well-educated black journalists. You can tell he is feeling the heat from Democrats taking over Congress because his behavior is getting more and more unacceptable. 45 seems to have a problem with reporters asking solid, legitimate questions.  He has insulted a group of black female White House reporters including one of his usual targets April Ryan, along with PBS’s Yamiche Alcindor and CNN’s Abby Phillip. These women are very smart but Donald is not familiar with smart. If you pay close attention to Donald Trump he is really good at projecting and is extremely insecure. Joy Reid unpacks the desperation of the President of The United States.

Be Best Donald Trump!

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