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Steph Curry Regrets Putting Riley In Spotlight


It’s NBA All-Star weekend and most NBA families’ enjoy a weekend off but not the Curry’s. The weeekend off can be a break to spend time with family and that can bring unwanted media attention. In a recent interview Steph Curry says he regret putting his daughter Riley in the spotlight and making her a star. Golden State Warrior, Steph Curry is known for being a family man. People remember his dad playing in the NBA, his brother currently plays, people know his wife, Ayesha. But the show-stealer in the family was daughter Riley. We were introduced to Riley during the 2015 Conference Finals against the Houston Rockets. Steph brought Riley to the podium and from there a star was born. Riley could careless about anything that was happening at that moment. In a recent interview with The Undefeated, he says he regrets putting her in the spotlight. He did it because he wanted to share the experience with her but he had no idea how much of a “splash” she would make. He said, if I could take that back I probably would. My goal is to give my kids the best chance at success and at seeing the world the proper way…..having respect not getting too big headed and feeling like everything’s about them.  Steph received a lot of criticism for bringing Riley to the podium including from TNT basketball analyst Charles Barkley. Interestingly, you now see more players with their kids before games, after games and during interviews. It is also worth noting that players are away from their families a large percentage of the year. Steh has to deal with qa celebrity daughter and that can be complicated!  Read  more here




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