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Rihanna Look-A-Like Struggles With Twinning


Get a good like at the photo of Rihanna and the woman that looks exactly like her. Rihanna look-a-like struggles with twinning! You may need a double-take as Rihanna has a twin, not blood twin but a 23-year-old was born in Martinique but lives in France. Her name is  Yna Sertalf. How cool would be to be mistaken for the singer and business mogul.  You may think it is a fun-and-games looking like one of the most popular singers in the would but it’s not! Yna says it is hard for her to date because the guy could be fantasizing about RiRi.

Yna said, “That’s why I’m single, I get mistaken for Rihanna quite a lot.” Even on Twitter she gets a reply asking, “Where’s the album?”.

If fact they look so much a like that they could be identical twins. Can you tel the difference?  Read more here

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