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Fisher-Price Recalls Sleepers After More Than 30 Babies Died


Finally, Fisher-Price is recalling sleepers that have killed over 30 babies. All versions of Fisher-Price’s Rock N’ Play sleepers are being recalled after the death of 32 babies. The infant deaths which took place beginning in 2011, are a result of the sleepers being too restrictive for babies while they sleep. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) called for Fisher-Price to recall the sleepers earlier this week. Even though the company was aware of the dangers since April 8th, the recall is just now being issued. Consumer Reports Magazine connected the sleepers to the 32 deaths and ironically the AAP discourages parents from using the Rock N’Play sleeper for sleeping babies because of the chance of the baby strangling while asleep. Did you know that items like the Rock N’ Roll baby sleepers weren’t for sleeping babies?

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