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Aretha Franklin’s Will Reveals Son’s Father


You may have heard that three Will’s have been found at the home of legendary performer Aretha Franklin but you may not know that new details emerged that reveal the father of her oldest son Clarence. The Queen of Soul’s Estate is reportedly worth $80 million and all of her asset are to divided equally among her 3 sons.

The shocking reveal is that her oldest son Clarence’s father is named as Edward Jordan Jr.  Many thought that his father was a classmate, a man named Donald Burk. Edward Jordan Sr was known to have fathered Aretha’s son Edward. On page 6 of the purported Will states that Edward Jordan Sr should have not receive or handle any money or property belonging to Clarence. Clarence (64) requires special care so Aretha was making sure his father can’t oversee his affairs, as he has never contributed to his welfare.

Both son’s were born when Franklin was a teenager.

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