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Spike Lee’s “Do The Right Thing” Returns To Theaters For 30th Anniversary


It’s the 30th Anniversary of Spike Lee’s “Do The Right Things”  and to celebrate the groundbreaking movie returns back to theaters.  A 4K restoration of the film will begin a one-week engagement at select theaters across the country starting on June 28th. Spike Lee brought the race issue to the big screen to ignite a conversation on race and race relations. “Do The Right Things’ was written, directed, produce and released by Universal Studios in ushered in a new era in black movie production. Lee was nominated for an Oscar for  Best Original Screen play and Best Supporting Actor.  It is often listed as one of great cultural significance and one of the greatest films of all-time. Let’s not forget the soundtrack was gave us ‘Fight The Power’ by Public Enemy and ‘My Fantasy’ by Guy.

There will also be 30th-year commemorative Blue-Ray/DVD released in July. What is your favorite scene from the movie? Where do you rank the film among socially-aware films? WARNING!!!!! (Film Clip Contains Strong Language)

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