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André 3000 Spotted In Airport Playing Flute


Imagine you are in the airport and you look over and see one of the greatest lyricists playing an instrument? Or is it? Maybe it’s someone who looks like him? Nope. It really was Andre 3000 of Outkast playing some sort of a new age clarinet. He was in the airport for 40 mins before he was spotted by a woman who works at NPR. She eventually made her way over to him and he took a photo with her. After, she regretted not asking him questions but she was both shocked and happy to see him. She posted the photo on social media and people responded that Andre 3000 playing an instrument in an airport is the most Andre 3000 thing ever. Have you ever met a celebrity and after meeting them you thought of a bunch of questions you should have asked them?

Andre 3000 is a a creative genius, periodt!!!!

Read the story from CNN


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