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Jimmie Walker to NBA Stars: ‘Stop Complaining!’


Jimmie Walker had the nerve to interject himself into controversy over the 4th of July holiday by telling NBA star’s to “Stop Complaining” and constantly airing their dirty laundry on TV and in social media. Jimmie Walker, who played J.J. on “Good Times,” has lashed out at such basketball stars as LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, saying they’re making way too much money to be complaining about anything. “The thing that upsets me the most about NBA players is they’re so upset, they’re so angry,” the 72-year-old Walker tells TMZ Sports. “Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant — what are you upset about? The 1970’s TV star who was famous for the phrase “dynomite” said, I’m happy if I’m making that kind of money! They’re always complaining!” Walker says today’s players don’t understand “real life,” which he defines as “getting your own bags off the luggage carousel. No charters, no limos waiting for you. That’s what real life is about.”  Jimmie Walker have a point?

Jimmie Walker is a good friend with conservative author and political critic Ann Coulter so he may be in a sunken place.  Having money doesn’t mean you can’t voice your opinion about the current political climate.

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