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Motherhood Calls: Keyshia Cole Is Stepping Away From Social Media


Keyshia Cole is stepping away for a good reason. The singer is preparing to deliver her second child any day. On Friday, July 26th she posted on Instagram¬†feeling drained today. 5 days away from delivery. Gonna rest and take some time alone and just breathe. She has been experiencing “Braxton Hicks” which are false contractions. Keyshia also just wrapped up the first week of filming her reality show for BET. She is doing a baby special. Had an awesome first week of filming. Keyshia Cole is coming back to BET. Lots of fun and laughter.

Keyshia and ex-husband former NBA player Daniel Gibson have a son (DJ jr) together, they divorced in 2017. Keyshia is dating rapper Niko Kale and the couple announced they are expecting a baby boy. We just ran across this gem, Thanks Mag TV!

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