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Former Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco Dead At 76


Kathleen Babineaux Blanco Louisiana’s first female governor has died at 76 according to a statement from her family.  Blanco was the governor during Hurricane Katrina. The trailblazing politician’s career was derailed in the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. In 2011 she announced she had a rare eye cancer after successfully beating that only to have the cancer returned in her liver.

December 2017 she was treated for incurable melanoma according to the Associated Press.

She became a household name in August of 2005 as the devastating hurricane killed 1400 people in Louisiana; every news outlet broadcast horrifying images of stranded storm victims trying to survive the heat and dehydration. She was criticized along with the Mayor of New Orleans C. Ray Nagin, for being unprepared and the lack of response when thousands were stranded on the overpasses and on rooftops for days. She was criticized as being overwhelmed. Rest In Peace Governor Blanco.


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