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Brain McKnight Response To Ungrateful Kids [VIDEO]


Brian McKnight has responded to allegations from his grown children, accusing the Grammy-nominated singer of abandoning them. Brian really puts an adult parent’s perspective on spoiled children that feel entitled to a certain lifestyle. These kids don’t want to work and make their own way in life. Brian starts with he has never missed a day of child support. It’s obvious his kids are publicly trying to shame their father. These are adults, not kids they are 30 and 27 years old.  He exercised ‘tough love’ on them by putting Niko (22) and Brian Jr (25) at the time, out of the house.  He was generous enough to pay their for an apartment and paid all of their expenses for two years. They seem to be caught up the party-life and no means to life.

Watch the video from Brian McKnight he regrets spoiling his children , ” I gave my children everything I didn’t have as a child”. These kids are ungrateful and lazy.

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